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Waterjet Technology

Waterjet technology is an established method for precision cutting of materials in a variety of industrial applications. It uses the principle of pressurizing water to extremely high levels, and allowing the water to escape in a controlled manner through a very small opening, or orifice. Water jets use the high velocity beam of water exiting the orifice to cut various materials, including tile, wood, plastic, metal, and stone. In general, industrial applications of waterjet technology are used in place of a laser or other device when the "cut" needs to be quicker, cleaner, and with minimum distortion and temperature increase.

Accupulse Cataract Emulsifier

The Accupulse Cataract Emulsifier is an emulsification device designed for the quick and safe removal of the cataractous human crystalline lens in the eye, a necessary procedure before installing a new intraocular lens ("IOL").  The device creates a pulsating stream of saline solution, and the impact from the pulsating fluid emulsifies the cataractous human lens and breaks the lens into small pieces. The Accupulse simultaneously aspirates the emulsified tissue and removes it from the interior of the eye.

The Accupulse requires minimal technical skill, as it functions like a hydraulic eraser or paint brush. No sculpting or lens elevation or rotation is necessary. The balanced irrigation/aspiration fluidics complements the embedded CPU controlled micro pulses. The foot switch initiates the mode activity selected by surgeon for the balanced and ergonomically shaped hand piece.

Based on the experience of our management team and consultants in the ophthalmic industry, we believe that the waterjet platform of the Accupulse will be easier to learn to use and will require less skill than that required by current ultrasound phaco emulsification devices. The Company also expects that Accupulse and its disposable package will be priced in the low range of current ultrasound devices, which will make it attractive in underdeveloped markets, and also attractive in the U.S. and other nations where cost containment is critical.





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